Bangkok To Dhaka Classrooms: Ashiqur Noor Brings Real-World Tech To IUS

Ashiqur Noor. Photo: Collected

Ashiqur Noor. Photo: Collected

Remember the frustration of fumbling for change before a Bangkok Skytrain screeched past? That's the real-world challenge Ashiqur Noor, a rising star at University of Scholars ,is throwing at his VLSI students. "They're designing a real-time ticketing system – imagine the sense of accomplishment when their code controls thousands of daily commutes!" Ashiqur's eyes sparkle with catching energy.

His path wasn't textbook-to-classroom straight. After a Masters in Microelectronics and Embedded Systems from Thailand's prestigious Asian Institute of Technology, Ashiqur cut his teeth as a Software Engineer in Thailand, tackling complex data science and AI projects. He yearned to share this blend of academic rigor and industry grit with students back home.

Landing at Scholars , Ashiqur discovered fertile ground. "Imagine lectures on YouTube, accessible to anyone! They even encourage real-world projects like my students designing metro stoppage destinations. It's like they're reading my mind!" he exclaims.

Scholar's commitment to cutting-edge tech and research resonated with Ashiqur. He saw a chance to bridge the gap between theory and practice, to ignite young minds with the same passion that brought him from Dhaka classrooms to Bangkok's bustling tech scene.

His enthusiasm is contagious. "I'm just starting, but the energy here is electric! We're building something special at University of Scholars, a hub where Bangladeshi brilliance takes flight. And trust me, I'm here to fuel the journey with every ounce of my experience."

Ashiqur's story isn't just personal; it's a testament to Scholars's transformative power. Here, passion meets purpose, and the future of Bangladeshi innovation is being shaped, one real-time project, one YouTube lecture, at a time. Watch this space – under Ashiqur Noor's guidance, Scholars is poised to make waves in the tech world, and Dhaka might just become the next tech hotspot.

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