Nowadays, information is an agent of change. But the free flow of the information is a precondition for lifting a society that is truly democratic, equitable, non-exploitative and ecologically sustainable. This belief inspires us for acting as a communication channel that privileges the voices and the concerns of the underprivileged and creates a climate of understanding, accountability, and participation.

We are dedicated to inform, inspire, and ignite change for the common good. We provide hard-hitting, thought-provoking and even entertaining news and commentaries on politics and culture that can serve the struggles for peace and social justice. We uphold the values of social justice, human rights, equality, and peace. We intend to not only being your trusted news source, but to encouraging critical thinking and civic action on a diverse range of social, economic, and civil rights issues affecting individuals and their communities.

We are committed to providing a source of political perspective to those troubled with social inequality, which has produced an ever-widening gap between rich and poor. We anticipate enormous battles against unemployment, low wages, austerity policies and violations of democratic rights. Our approach comprises features, commentary, and news that mix of original articles, aggregated content and author extracts.

 We publish a diverse mix of breaking news, insightful views, critiques of policies, investigative reports and expert analysis alongside grassroots success stories and inspirational narratives emphasize workably solutions to persistent social problems. We make sure that the critical issues and ideas for the future is not drowned out in the ceaseless noise and dis-information.

 We believe media have a higher purpose beyond the essential goal of keeping people informed, insist on playing an active role in helping community funnel its energy into change. We cover every aspect of the state, society and of a different class, gender, caste, and groups. It will not exclude anything, which directly or indirectly affects human lives.

 We offer comprehensive information, a positive vision for the future. We are optimists. We believe real change is possible. 

Editor-in-chief: Eliash Uddin Palash 

Editor, Online: Arshad Siddiqui