Bangladeshi’s Painting Going to The Moon

Salbhi Sumaiya and Her Painting || Photo: Collected

Salbhi Sumaiya and Her Painting || Photo: Collected

Talented Bangladeshi borned Canadian artist Salbhi Sumaiya also works under the name painted a beautiful painting of a wolf and her cub, called "Maternal instinct" , which is now destined to go to the moon.

Along with 30,000 other works of art by other painters, the artwork has been chosen for inclusion on the Lunar Codex. The Lunar Codex, according to the website, is a time capsule that stores creative data from Earth and will be delivered to the moon.

The project is being led by Canadian scientist and art collector Samuel Peralta, who is semi-retired. He has collected works by 30,000 authors, singers, filmmakers, and artists from 157 different nations, and the pieces are put up into four separate time capsules.

The first is known as the Orion Collection, and it has already left the Earth in late 2022 as part of NASA's Artemis 1 mission. 

The website states that during the following five years, the other three capsules—the Nova Collection, the Peregrine Collection, and the Polaris Collection—will touch down on the moon.

Lunar Codex will also release "Meraki Studio" (2022), a potent movie that exemplifies Sumaiya's aesthetic perspective, in addition to "Maternal Instinct" (2021).

Sumaiya, who is presently residing in Toronto, Canada, holds degrees in graphic design, multimedia, and fine arts from SMUCT in Dhaka. 

Her artwork "Maternal Instinct" can be viewed on the Lunar Codex website.

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