'Moving Forward Towards The Colourful Turning Of Phrase'

Eliash Uddin Palash,

Editor and Publisher,

Shampratik Deshkal

Eliash Uddin Palash, Editor and Publisher, Shampratik Deshkal

Spring is knocking at the door. Nature needs a touch of color. In such changing times, your favourite  weekly newspaper Shampratik Deshkal is stepping into the 11th year celebration. We are conveying our best wishes and greetings on the 11th anniversary. You are our readers, you are our friends. With the cordial help of writers, readers, hawkers, advertisers, well-wishers, we are moving forward step by step.

Shampratik Deshkal started its journey on February 2, 2013 with the different thoughts and ideology. In  present time for a weekly media it's not only a matter of courage to keep the continuation of eleven years journey but also requires the spirit of strong psychological movements. However, this achievement is not only for the devotion of the workers of Shampratik Deshkal. The bulk of the credit goes to our fellow travelers, correspondents, esteemed writers, regular subscribers-readers, sponsors, advertisers and well-wishers during the eleven-years journey. 

During the tenure of  past eleven years, we have passed through hostile, difficulties and friendly times as well, similarly also we have received unwavering support and generous cooperation from all our like-minded people. We are grateful to all our fellow passengers. Without your inspiration Shampratik Deshkal could never  have been able to achieve the infinite enthusiasm with such venture to enter the eleventh year. 

Our perception, our vitality is our writer and reader with their constant contribution and valuable experience. Our sponsors, advertisers, well-wishers are our biographers. With the encouragement and enthusiasm of all, we have been able to accelerate the progress of this weekly media by continuing of its regular publishing. Shampratik Deshkal has never been shied away from assessing the interests and expectations of it's valuable readers. Over the past eleven years, new feathers have been added to the latest achievements of this weekly. Due to your inspiration, the quarterly Deshkal magazine is being published regularly in print and digital forms. Online news portal and multimedia has been launched which added as per the time of necessity. There is also equal movement of soreadingbout our journey in social media including Facebook, YouTube. A bi-monthly magazine Shilpajan has recently been published with the contribution of those art and literature lovers whose are living outside the capital.

The quarterly Deshkal magazine has collected the praise of intellectuals even beyond the territory of the country in Calcutta. The Calcutta edition of Deshkal is being published under the editorship of documentary maker and writer Soumitra Dastidar. Puja edition have already been published with Calcutta jointly. There is a plan also to publish the coming forth Eid edition jointly. 

Shampratik Deshkal have been added with the new things regularly to suit the needs of the country and the readers as well as fetches the changes as and when required. In that context, on this 11th founding anniversary, Shampratik Deshkal has turned of its phrase. In considering the evolution and necessity of time, we are reducing the size of the print edition in a new format as per the requirement of the readers. Similarly, considering the desire of the new generation, we have been initiated with a plan to make the digital version more innovative and comprehensive rather than before.

However, Shampratik Deshkal always highly committed in creating the social values, determined to cooperate with a massive struggle to protect the human rights, tireless approach in preventing corruption and injustice and also committed to play a positive role in building a prosperous and progressive country. 

So in the era of turning the phrase we are expecting your kind support and cooperation to keep our continuation.  Keeping our heartiest faith and hope towards you all.

Elias Uddin Palash

Editor and Publisher

Shampratik Deshkal 

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