Mashuk Shahi's New Poetry Book Launches At Ekushey Book Fair

Mashuk Shahi's latest poetry book titled 'Ghumkonnya O Phoenix Hridoy' || Photo: Shampratik Deshkal

Mashuk Shahi's latest poetry book titled 'Ghumkonnya O Phoenix Hridoy' || Photo: Shampratik Deshkal

Renowned poet Mashuk Shahi's latest poetry book titled 'Ghumkonnya O Phoenix Hridoy (Sleeping Beauty and Phoenix Heart)' is set to be unveiled at the Ekushey Book Fair on Monday, February 12, at 5:00 PM.

The book, 'Ghumkonnya O Phoenix Hridoy,' will be available at Stall 391 (Sohrawardi Park) and is published by the Bangla Research Institute.

Mashuk Shahi, known for his deeply philosophical and aesthetically rich poetry, explores various themes ranging from existentialism to social issues in his work. His poetry reflects a blend of rationality and emotional depth, addressing contemporary societal challenges, corporate consumerism, and the quest for genuine human-nature harmony.

Born on April 16, 1969, in Jashore, Mashuk Shahi obtained his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Bengali language and literature from Rajshahi University. While primarily a poet, Shahi's literary repertoire also includes short stories and essays. He is actively involved in training, advocacy, community development, and research activities related to art and literature.

'Ghumkonnya O Phoenix Hrido' marks Shahi's second poetry collection, following his acclaimed debut. His poetry has been translated into seven languages, including English, Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, and Japanese, showcasing his global appeal and influence.

Among his published works are poetry collections such as 'Khambondi Biodata' (2002), 'Shishutosh: Sobuj Bone Swarnolota' (1997), 'Chotur Rajar Porajoy' (1998), 'Golper Asor' (2007), 'Rajkanya O Jadur Baksho' (2014), 'Sochetonota: Amader Pashe Union Parishad Achhe' (2012), and 'Bhitemati' (2016).

Mashuk Shahi's literary journey unfolds on the canvas of unwavering purity and profound introspection, inviting readers to traverse the endless paths of his profound poetic narratives.

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