Many Striving for Return Train Tickets Leave Empty-Handed

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The return train tickets to Dhaka which were supposed to issue on two consecutive days were issued in one day at the ticket counter of Rajshahi Railway Station. Despite the pressure of the ticket seekers, many passengers did not get the desired tickets. Tickets run out at the counter in just 3 hours. This caused frustration among the passengers standing in line. However, even if there is a demand for train tickets online, it is like a golden deer. People are not getting the desired ticket but they have complained that the ticket will be sold out in a few minutes.

Ticket sell has started from the counter of Rajshahi station from 8 am on Wednesday (May 4) till 12 noon. Tickets for the next 7th and 8th train have been issued today. As a result of giving 2-day tickets in one day, the overflowing crowd of ticket seekers at the station is noticed.

Asim Kumar Talukder, managing director of the Western Railway Authority, said that in the eastern part of the Dhaka division, trains were running on Eid-ul-Fitr on May 3, but it was closed in the western part of the country. As a result, return tickets for 7th and 8th have been issued on the same day i.e. 4th May.

There were a total 1600 tickets for non-AC and 575 for AC in 4 Dhaka-bound trains from Rajshahi station. Most of which ended within 3 hours of the counter opening at 8 am. Therefore anger pevails among the ticket seekers. Some also did fights for tickets on many lines. However, Asim Kumar could not say how many tickets were sold online against the total number of seats.

Due to passenger pressure on the Eid return train from Rajshahi, all train closures have been canceled for the time being. It has also been decided to run the Banalata Express which was closed on Friday. Besides, the Silk City, Padma and Dhumketu Express trains will be plying regularly on the Dhaka-Rajshahi route for the next one week, the railway authorities said.

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