Gas Supply to National Grid from Kailashtila’s Well-7 Begins

Koilashtila gas field ||Photo: Collected

Koilashtila gas field ||Photo: Collected

Gas supply to the national grid from newly-discovered well-7 of Kailashtila gas field in Golapganj upazila of Sylhet began on Saturday, reports UNB. 

Senior Secretary to the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Mahbub Hossain inaugurated the gas supply at 11:00am.

Everyday 19 MMCFD (Million standard cubic feet per day) gas will be added to national grid from this well, said Engineer Abdul Jalil Pramanik, managing director (Operation) of Sylhet Gas field.

On May 7 experimental gas supply from the well began and following its success the official supply started from Saturday, he said. 

In 2016 gas supply from well-7 of Kailashtila gas field was suspended. 

From February this year, state owned Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company Limited (BAPEX) started work over operation in the well which ended last month. 

According to Sylhet Gas Field, from two of the seven wells of the field 29 MMCFD gas was being added to the national grid. A total of 48 MMCFD gas will be now added to the national grid from this field with the 19 MMCFD from Well-7.

Md Mizanur Rahman, managing director of Sylhet gas field, said they were expecting to get 10-12 MMCFD gas from Well-7 it exceeded the expectation. 

“Apart from that as by product we will get 250 barrel of condensate from which fuel oil worth Tk 22 lakh can be produced,” he said. 

He said, “According to Radiant Project Services Ltd there is 758 billion cubic square feet gas in this level. The estimated cost of which will be Tk 65,000 crore.”

The country’s total supply now stands at 2950 MMCFD against a demand for over 3600 MMCFD. 

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