Election Commission Collects Data of One Crore Citizens

Nirbachan Bhaban || Photo: Collected

Nirbachan Bhaban || Photo: Collected

The Election Commission has collected the information of about 1 crore citizens in the age group of 15-17 years and those who are eligible to vote while updating the voter list. Out of which 3 million voters will be registered in 2023. The rest will automatically be included as voters subject to attaining the age of eighteen in the next two years.

The Election Commission has collected the information of eligible voters in four phases from May 20 to November 20 across the country. At the same time, the information of the deceased has also been collected to exclude them from the current voter list; The number of which is about 2 million.

Biometric registration including photographing, 10 fingerprints, Irish will be completed for new voters in mid-December.

Election Commission Additional Secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath said that the consolidated information at the field level is being updated online all the time. So far the information of about 1 crore eligible voters has been collected. Everyone will be brought under registration with photos. After that the actual voter will be confirmed after the draft list and finalization.

He also said that although the target of adding new voters at the rate of 2.5 percent every year, the collection of data has exceeded the target in three years. May be above about 8 percent. Although the information of many 15-17 year olds has been taken, only those who will be included in the final list on March 2 will be able to vote for the next 12th parliament.

Last on March 2, 2022, the total number of voters in the country was 11 crore 32 lakh 87 thousand 10 people. Currently, the number of voters has increased by several lakhs as the process of becoming a voter is going on.

The officials of the Election Commission estimate that the number of voters during the twelfth parliamentary elections will be about 110.6 million, including the new ones and excluding the dead.

According to EC, this time information has been collected from one crore two lakh 14 thousand 304 citizens (8.89%). Among them, men are like 52 lakh 82 thousand and women are more than 49 lakh 30 thousand. And hijras are about two thousand.

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