24 Injured in Clash between KMCH Students and Traders

Khulna Medical College Hospital || Photo: Collected

Khulna Medical College Hospital || Photo: Collected

A fight broke out between the two groups outside the hospital, injuring at least nine medication vendors and 15 Khulna Medical College Hospital students.

According to Dr. Md Mehedi Newaz, vice principal of the hospital, three of the wounded pupils, Anan from the 29th batch and Mahadi and Dev from the 31st batch, are in severe condition.

Patients are suffering because more than 100 pharmacies outside the hospital have been shut since the violence on Tuesday.

"A student went to Biplob Medicine Corner to get medication, but the retailer attempted to charge double the price. The student was once physically assaulted by store employees during a dispute about an exorbitant price, according to Newaz.

"The businessmen and students engaged in a physical altercation after the attack. In the event, at least 15 pupils suffered injuries.

"Head injuries were received by Anan, Mahadi, and Dev. They will get a CT scan and other procedures, according to plans.

Intern Physician Council President Saiful Islam Antor and General Secretary Samsuzzoha Sajib threatened a work absence if the assailants weren't apprehended by Tuesday afternoon. The students were badly assaulted in protest of the exorbitant fee.

According to Zillur Rahman Jewel, central director of the Drug Traders Association, the altercation started because the shop owner refused to give the student who had purchased the medication at a discount a 10% commission.

At least nine business owners have suffered injuries, while several additional stores have suffered damage.

To stop any additional altercations, the stores have been closed. The decision to reopen the shops will be made following consultation with the hospital and college administrations, according to Jewel.

Following the incident, police responded quickly to the site and stabilized the situation, according to Khulna Metropolitan Police ADC Sheikh Imran.

The police are attempting to apprehend the assailants. He stated that more police had been stationed outside of the hospital and pharmacies.

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