Permission To Export 3950 Tons Of Hilsa To India

Hilsa || Photo: Collected

Hilsa || Photo: Collected

Ministry of Commerce has allowed the export of 3 thousand 950 metric tons of hilsa to India during Durga Puja. Today, Wednesday (September 20), the Ministry of Commerce announced that Hilsa export is expected.

It is known that 79 institutions of the country have received this permission. Companies can export 50 metric tons of hilsa. This permission will be valid till October 30. In other words, companies have to export hilsa to India within this period.

The Ministry has given hilsa export under eight conditions. Notable among these are that the customs authority will conduct manual inspection of the products permitted to be exported, all export documents must be sent to the Ministry of Commerce after each shipment is shipped, more than the permitted quantity cannot be exported, the permit is not transferable in any way and hilsa cannot be exported through subcontracting without an approved exporter.

The businessmen of Kolkata, India informed about the demand of 5000 tons of hilsa in view of Durga Puja. On September 1, Kolkata Fish Importers Association submitted this application to the Bangladesh Sub-High Commission in Kolkata. On September 4 it came to the Ministry of Commerce.

Last year, 2,900 tonnes of hilsa were allowed to be exported during Puja. However, 1 thousand 300 tons were exported. The same situation happened in previous years as well.

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