PM Hasina Centre Of Attention At Munich Security Conference: FM

Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud. Photo: Collected

Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud. Photo: Collected

Foreign Minister Hasan Mahmud has said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina emerged as a key figure of interest at the Munich Security Conference that concludes on February 18. In discussions with Bangladeshi journalists on Friday evening (Munich time), Mahmud emphasized the global recognition received by Hasina, the daughter of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, during the event.

Throughout the first day of the conference, PM Hasina engaged in seven bilateral meetings and a panel discussion, focusing notably on the Rohingya and Palestine issues during her talks with the Prime Ministers of Qatar and Denmark.

Additionally, she met with the Director General of the World Health Organization, the President of Women Political Leaders, and the Global Chairman of Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The WHO's Director General extended congratulations to Saima Wazed for her election as the regional director of the organization.

Referring to the meeting with the senior managing director of the World Bank, the foreign minister said, “You know that the World Bank has financed USD 16 billion in 56 ongoing projects in Bangladesh. They have made a commitment of $509 million in budget support this year and $700 million in aid to Rohingya and host communities in Bangladesh.”

PM Hasina, addressing the World Bank, sought expedited release of funds. The Foreign Minister said a good election was held in Bangladesh by overcoming domestic and foreign conspiracies.

More than 70 countries, including India, United Kingdom, United States, European Union, and United Nations as well as other international organizations have so far congratulated Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The foreign minister highlighted the statistics of elections in various European countries in recent times and described the 42 percent votes cast in the parliamentary election in the country as very acceptable.

He said that 29.7 percent of the votes were cast in the elections in Portugal in 2021, while 31.84 percent of votes were cast in the Romanian elections. On the other hand, 30 percent votes were cast in the Hong Kong elections, said the Foreign Minister. "There was no opposition in these countries."


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