5 held For Supreme Court Bar Association Election Scuffle

Additional Commissioner (Detective) Harunor Rashid. Photo: Collecetd

Additional Commissioner (Detective) Harunor Rashid. Photo: Collecetd

Police have detained five people in connection with a scuffle over vote counting in the Supreme Court Bar Association elections. The arrests relate to a case filed at Shahbagh Police Station on Friday, according to Additional Commissioner (Detective) Harunor Rashid of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

"We have detained five people, and legal proceedings are underway," he said. However, the identities of those arrested were not immediately made public by the authorities.

The case was started by Assistant Attorney General Saifur Rahman Siddiqui Saif, a co-opt member of the election sub-committee, citing charges of attempted murder. Nahid Sultana Juthi, an independent candidate for the post of secretary and wife of Jubo League Chief Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash, is listed as the key suspect among the 20 people named in the case. Meanwhile Ruhul Quddus Kazal, a secretary candidate from the pro-BNP panel, has also been implicated in the case.

As many as 5,319 of 7,883 eligible lawyers participated in the SCBA elections for the 2024-25 term. However, the post-election process hit a snag during the vote count.

After voting ended on Thursday, Nahid called for an immediate count of votes and the announcement of results overnight. However, the Bangabandhu Awami Lawyers Parishad's nominated panel, including secretary candidate Shah Monjurul Hoque, called for the vote count to start on Friday afternoon.

The disagreement escalated into a physical altercation between the two factions. During the commotion, Assistant Attorney General Abu Saeed was assaulted.

The incident led to the suspension of both the vote count and the announcement of results.

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