Lost Necklace Unearthed in Titanic Wreck after a Century

Image: Collected

Image: Collected

In a remarkable find, a necklace that had remained hidden for over a century has been uncovered in the Titanic wreckage. 

Guernsey-based deep-sea mapping firm Magellan has captured extraordinary images of this precious gold jewelry, adorned with a tooth from a pre-historic shark named Megalodon, reports BBC.

The necklace came into view during the initial comprehensive digital scan of the Titanic conducted by Magellan. 

The CEO of Magellan, Richard Parkinson, expressed his awe at the breathtaking nature of this discovery.

However, the team was bound by a UK-US agreement, which strictly prohibits the removal of any artifacts from the wreck. Consequently, they were unable to physically touch the necklace.

Nonetheless, Magellan has devised an alternative plan to unravel the necklace's mysteries. 

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, they aim to utilize advanced algorithms to trace the descendants of the approximately 2,200 passengers who were aboard the Titanic during its ill-fated voyage. 

By analyzing footage and photographs of the passengers, specifically focusing on their facial features and attire when they embarked on the ship, the team hopes to identify the rightful owner of the necklace, it said.

Last summer, Magellan collaborated with Atlantic Productions, who are currently producing a documentary about this ambitious project. Employing submersibles operated remotely from a specialized vessel, the team dedicated over 200 hours to meticulously surveying every nook and cranny of the wreckage. Over 700,000 images were painstakingly captured from various angles, enabling the creation of an exact 3D reconstruction of the historic vessel.

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