Hajj Registration Ends Tomorrow

Hajj || Photo: Collected

Hajj || Photo: Collected

The sacred Hajj is scheduled for June 16 (9th Zilhaj of 1445 Hijri), contingent upon the sighting of the moon. The registration period concludes tomorrow, Thursday.

During this timeframe, the Saudi government will be informed of the number of registrants, and any remaining quota will be returned to Bangladesh.

This year, the allocated quota for pilgrims from Bangladesh is 127,198. However, only half of the quota provided by Saudi Arabia has been filled so far.

According to ministry sources, as of Wednesday morning, 64,045 individuals have registered.

Among them, 3,976 have registered under government management, while 60,069 have registered under private management. Consequently, there are still 63,153 vacant slots.

The registration for this year's Hajj commenced on September 16 of the previous year, initially slated to conclude on December 10.

Due to a lower-than-expected response, the initial period was extended until December 31. Subsequently, the deadline was further extended to January 18 and, in the third phase, extended until February 1.

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