Shampratik Deshkal Celebrates Its 11th Founding Anniversary

The 11th founding anniversary of Shampratik Deshkal is celebrated today || Photo: Shampratik Deshkal

The 11th founding anniversary of Shampratik Deshkal is celebrated today || Photo: Shampratik Deshkal

The highly circulated weekly 'Shampratik Deshkal' hosted a friendly convention marking its eleventh founding anniversary today. The convention event commenced at 3:00 PM on Saturday (February 10th) at the Auditorium of Radiant Pharma, SMC Tower-2, in the capital.

Under the chairmanship of 'Shampratik Deshkal' Editor and Publisher Eliash Uddin Palash, the friendly convention featured discussions from honourable MP Md Nasser Shahrear Zahedee Mohul, the advisor of 'Shampratik Deshkal' and the Chairman of Radiant Group and Radiant Publications Limited, among others.

Addressing the event, 'Shampratik Deshkal' Editor Eliash Uddin Palash stated, "Over the past eleven years, 'Shampratik Deshkal' has continued its journey with unwavering commitment to the national interest and the interests of the people of Bangladesh. He emphasized that 'Shampratik Deshkal' has always strived to raise the voice of the nation and its people. He further stated, With the new year, we have begun anew with the idea of embracing change."

At this time, he also mentioned the recent publication of the bi-monthly magazine 'Shilpojon' and emphasized the continued growth of this media family.

Member of Parliament Nasir Shahriar Zahedi Mahul said, "The journey of 'Shampratik Deshkal' begins with a strong commitment to stand against various injustices in society." He expressed confidence that in these eleven years of embracing change, 'Shampratik Deshkal' will continue to work as a mirror of society, even more remarkably.

Abul Kasem Fazlul Haque, a researcher and political analyst, stated, "'Shampratik Deshkal' will work more effectively to move the country forward with the correct understanding of values and their practical application." He expressed belief that in today's changing times, 'Shampratik Deshkal' will continue to work as a beacon of society.

Also present at the event were journalists, writers, and researchers such as Afsan Chowdhury, Rois Uddin Arif, Flora Sarkar, Tanim Nawshad, Abul Hossen, Zia Uddin Ahmed, Syed Abdal Ahmed, Manzurul Haque, Alamgir Khan, and former Additional Secretary and literary figure Pronab Chakraborty, among many others.

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