Vegetable Prices Drop Slightly

Vegetables || File Photo

Vegetables || File Photo

Vegetable prices have seen a slight decline in the market this week, compared to just a few days ago. Vendors in various markets of the capital city noticed a shift in the pricing trend. Despite some vegetables like bitter gourd and ladies' fingers maintaining higher prices due to limited supply, most vegetables are now being sold at a reduced rate, ranging from 5 to 10 taka less per kilogram.

As of Friday, February 9th, eggplants are being sold at 70 taka per kilogram, down from the previous range of 80 to 100 taka. Similarly, beans are now priced at 50 taka per kilogram, whereas they were sold for 70 taka last week. However, string beans, despite their quality, are available at 80 taka per kilogram. Prices for bottle gourds have decreased from a minimum of 80 taka to a range of 60 to 70 taka per piece. Cauliflower and cabbage, which were previously priced between 30 to 40 taka per piece, are now sold at a range of 30 to 40 taka. Additionally, tomatoes are now priced at 40 taka per kilogram, while sweet pumpkins are being sold at 40 taka per kilogram.

A vegetable vendor at Gulshan Lake Market mentioned that the recent decrease in prices is due to an increase in the supply of fresh produce. A few days ago, as the previous crops were nearing the end of their season, the market experienced a shortage, leading to higher prices. However, with the arrival of new crops, the market is now well-supplied, resulting in a reduction in prices.

Furthermore, wholesale markets are offering vegetables at comparatively lower rates, enabling retailers to sell them at reduced prices in local markets. This has led to a downward trend in prices even in retail markets.

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