First Bangladeshi Billionaires

Summit Chairman Aziz Khan In Forbes Billionaire list

Muhammed Aziz Khan, Chairman Of Summit Group. File Photo

Muhammed Aziz Khan, Chairman Of Summit Group. File Photo

According to Forbes released  Billionaire  List of 2024, Aziz Khan of Summit Group's Chairman holds the position as first billionaire from Bangladesh. The list which featuring 2,781 billionaires from 78 countries, showcasing the global spread and diversity of immense wealth. Among the entries is Muhammed Aziz Khan, Chairman of Summit Group, marking him as Bangladesh's first billionaire to be included in this compilation.

The list, which ranges from fortunes of $1 billion to Bernard Arnault's $233 billion empire, highlights the luxury conglomerate LVMH's record year. The United States leads with 813 billionaires, including Elon Musk with an estimated worth of $195 billion. Following closely are China, including Hong Kong, with 473 billionaires, and India, with 200. The Asia-Pacific region boasts the highest number of billionaires, totalling 1,000. The Americas and Europe follow.

Now as permanent resident Muhammed Aziz Khan is living in Singapore. He was earlier ranked as the 41st richest man in Singapore, according to Forbes. 

Summit Group is a top private sector conglomerate of Bangladesh and has interests in power, ports, fibre optics, real estate and liquefied natural gas

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