Instructions Issued in All Edu Institutions regarding Load Shedding

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All the educational institutions of the country have been instructed to save 25 percent electricity in primary, secondary, technical schools and madrasas.

Instructions in this regard have been given in the circular signed by Deputy Secretary of Technical and Madrasah Education Division Muhammad Abdus Salam yesterday Sunday (July 31).

According to the notification, considering the ongoing global situation, some new decisions have been taken to save electricity in all the departments and subordinate directorates/departments/educational institutions of the Technical and Madrasah Education Division. For that purpose, several measures have been requested by the directive.

These instructions include - air conditioner temperature should be kept above 25 degrees Celsius; Meetings/Events should be conducted online/virtual as far as possible avoiding physical presence; The monthly availability of vehicle fuel will be reduced by 20 percent from the existing limit; 25 percent electricity consumption should be reduced in this department and subordinate directorates/departments/organizations/educational institutions.

It has also been said that energy-saving equipment should be used to prevent wastage of electricity. During the day window, curtains should be removed to ensure maximum use of sunlight. All offices/organizations/educational institutions under this department shall keep off lighting and energy-saving report to be sent to this department in the first week of every month till further instructions.

Before this, on July 24, instructions were given to all educational institutions and related offices to reduce energy and electricity costs. The directive calls for a 25 percent reduction in electricity consumption and 20 percent fuel consumption.

The instructions in this regard were issued and signed by Prof. Bipul Chandra Biswas, Deputy Director (General Administration) of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE).

All educational institutions and related offices of the country have been instructed to reduce energy and electricity expenditure. It has been asked to reduce electricity consumption by 25 percent and fuel consumption by 20 percent.

It has been said in the instructions, in view of the instructions of the Directorate of Secondary & Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, considering the ongoing situation, all the offices and educational institutions under DSHE should save electricity and fuel. For that purpose, it has been asked to follow the new five-point instructions.

These instructions include:

1. Electricity consumption should be reduced by 25 percent in DSHE and all its subordinate offices and educational institutions. The head of the institution will confirm the matter. A cost-effective report in this regard should be sent to the Monitoring and Evaluation Wing of the Directorate by the 3rd of every month.

2. A deduction of 20 percent from the monthly allowance related to the vehicle fuel of teachers-staff shall be made.

3. Those events which can be held online should be avoided.

4. Officers having AC in their rooms should run at 26 degree Celsius.

Besides, monitoring teams should be formed in every office and educational institution to supervise whether electricity and energy are being used properly or not according to the mentioned instructions.

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