Salman Shah’s 24th Death Anniv Today

Today marks the 24th anniversary of the death of popular film star Salman Shah, who instantly became the heart-throb since his debut in 'Keyamot Theke Keyamot' in 1993. His untimely death in 1996 not only devastated his family but also shattered the hearts of millions of his fans.

Salman Shah made his debut with Moushumi at the age of 22 in the film 'Keyamat Theke Keyamat.' The directorial of Sohanur Rahman Sohan was a big success at the time. Then the duo was seen in just three films, 'Ontore Ontore' 'Sneho' and 'Den Mohor.'

Later, Salman appeared in many films with Shabnur, including 'Tumi Amar' (1994), 'Shopner Thikana' (1995), 'Tomake Chai' (1996), 'Shopner Prithibi' (1996), 'Jibon Shongshar' (1996) and 'Anondo Asru' (1997). The duo made one of the most famous pairs in the history of the Bangladeshi film industry. They were featured in a total of 14 films.

Salman Shah has also teamed up with Shabnaz, Shahnaz, Lima, Shilpi, Sonia, Brishti, Shama and others.

Salman Shah, who ruled the silver screen in the 1990s, was born as Shahriar Chowdhury Emon in Sylhet on 19 September 1971. He began his career with the TV series 'Pathor Shomoy.' A breakthrough came with the film 'Keyamat Theke Keyamat.'

He acted in a total of 27 films.  His popular films are ‘Keyamat Thekey Keyamat’, ‘Antorey Antorey’, ‘Bikkhov’,  ‘Bichar Hobe’,  ‘Den Morhor’ ‘Ei Ghor Ei Sangsar’, ‘Jibon Sangsar’, ‘Chawa Theke Pawa’, ‘Anondo Osru’, ‘Mayer Odhikar’, and ‘Shotter Mrittu Nei’.

Besides movies, he has worked in a number of TV shows with great success. Salman performed dramas such as 'Deoal,' 'Shob Pakhi Ghore Fire,' 'Shaikote Sharosh,' 'Pathor Shomoi,' 'Iti Kotha,' 'Noyon' and 'Swapner Prithibi.'

The legendary actor died on 6 September 1996. He was found hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom in Eskaton, Dhaka. The police filed a suicide case, but the family objected to it and filed a murder case.


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