‘Antarjal’ Releases 'Welcome To Antarjal' Song For Promotion

Antarjal Movie || Photo: Collected

Antarjal Movie || Photo: Collected

Audiences look forward to the cyber-thriller "Antarjal" release on September 22 with eagerness. To generate excitement among the audience, the film's producers have released an exciting promotional song. 

Since its release, the catchy promotional song with the title "Welcome to Antarjal" has had a big impact. The key actors from the movie, including Siam Ahmed, Bidya Sinha Mim, ABM Sumon, Sunerah Binte Kamal, and other cast members, were present for the song's public debut at Rabindra Sarobar in the capital.

Siam, Mim, Sunerah, and Sumon all wore fashionable tracksuits and an urban hip-hop vibe in the song. When filming, Mim was seen with colorful braids. 

The song were written by Rasel Mahmud. Sheikh Shafi and Sheikh Saami Mahmud created the music. Masha Islam sang the song, and Rasel Mahmud gave a powerful rap performance.

The decision to release the promotional song through a live concert was a strategic move to engage the young generation, as "Antarjal" is a movie that resonates strongly with this demographic. 

Dipankar Dipon, the director, shared his thoughts, emphasizing that "Antarjal" is the country's first cyber-thriller film, which ought to make it particularly intriguing to the Bangladeshi youth.

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