‘Lipstick’ Receive Censor Clearance For Eid Release

Ador Azad And Puja Cherry. Photo: Collected

Ador Azad And Puja Cherry. Photo: Collected

A song titled 'Besamaal' was released on YouTube on March 31. Through this, the film 'Lipstick' starring Puja Cherry and Ador Azad was announced to release on Eid-ul-Fitr. But the members of the Bangladesh Film Censor Board found some 'problems'. The Censor Board stopped the certification of the film after finding problems in three parts of the film in the preview. After solving the problem, the movie got the censor certificate on Wednesday. Now there was no obstacle to the release of the film.

It is known that the film was submitted to the censor board last Sunday. The Censor Committee on Monday saw the film and found problems in three parts of the movie. The censor board asked to correct three problems of the film to get censor clearance. Later, the production company corrected the problems and resubmitted the film on Tuesday. The Censor Committee gave the film's censor certificate after watching it again on Wednesday.

Khorshed Alam Khoshru, a member of the censor board, has confirmed the news. Ador Azad, the lead actor of "Lipstick," took to Facebook to express his gratitude upon receiving the censor clearance.  "Lipstick" is a romantic thriller revolving around the aspirations of a village girl to become an actress in Dhaka. With Puja Cherry in the lead role as Buchi, and Ador Azad as her co-star, the film promises to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline.

Kamruzzaman Roman directed the film."Lipstick" also features notable performances by Misa Sawdagar and Shahiduzzaman Selim. 

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