Italy Threatens up to 5yrs Jail for Violating Quarantine

Italy has announced tough new measures to try to avoid the spread of coronavirus in the country, including potential prison time for people with the virus to quarantine breaches.

The new orders, published late Tuesday night, include:

Many who have been tested positive and may not return home could face a jail sentence of one to five years.

Fines for quarantine breaches increase from € 400 ($430) to € 3,000 ($3,245).

Companies that violate laws intended to keep the virus from spreading may be suspended for 5-30 days.

The regulations must be checked up to July 31 each month, and may be rendered more strict, the government decree says.

The decision will not prolong the duration of the existing prohibitions, set to expire on April 3.

Italy, the virus's latest epicenter, has reported approximately 70,000 infections and approximately 7,000 deaths according to a Johns Hopkins University tally.


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