Hypnophobia: Sleeplessness At Night

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Not being able to sleep through fear at night has become a problem for many. In medical terms, it is called hypnophobia. Lack of sleep causes the sufferer to suffer from various mental problems, which leads to failure in their work and eventually leads to family turmoil.

But not being able to sleep for fear is a mental illness. Psychiatrists say that hypnophobic patients can recover if they get the right treatment at the right time. For this, the person suffering from this disease must follow the doctor's advice completely and take the medicine regularly. About 30 percent of people in the world suffer from insomnia (sleeplessness). Not least of which is the fear of not being able to sleep. Doctors say that the disease has increased after the covid epidemic. In particular, 50 percent of older people and pregnant women or new mothers are deprived of adequate sleep.

What causes hypnophobia?

Hypnophobia gradually takes root in the subconscious mind from self-defense preparations. Any problems related to sleep or hypnosis in the past life have an effect on the mind of the sufferer. In addition, people can be affected by hypnophobia if they are direct or silent witnesses of a difficult event of a loved one or see a scary scene shown in movies and TV. These memories create mental disorders in the subconscious mind. Because of all this, sleeplessness or hypnophobia can affect a person. Doctors say that sleep terror can happen at any age. As one may think, 'He may die at night, someone may sit on his chest while he sleeps or someone may harm him' - for these reasons one may not be able to sleep. Such extreme anxiety creates panic in the person and he may spend the whole night without sleep.

Due to lack of sleep, the health gradually deteriorates, and at the same time, the person starts suffering from mental illness. If hypnophobia is not treated at the right time, the person may suffer from long-term complications. Doctors say, that for this, only psychological treatment is not enough, in some cases medicines are also required.

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