Counterfeit Diabetes Strips Flood Markets Despite Vigilant Efforts

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

In a recent exchange at the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, concerns were raised regarding the influx of counterfeit diabetes strips into the market by a foreign multi-national company under the guise of 'Pharma Solutions'. Investigations are underway to determine if similar activities are being conducted by other entities within the country, with legal actions being promised against any found guilty of such practices.

The Directorate has sought information from the accused company regarding the amount of unapproved diabetes strips being circulated in the market, but the company has yet to comply with the request. Furthermore, during discussions, it was revealed that not only counterfeit strips but also expired ones were being supplied, raising serious concerns about public health.

AHM Shafiquzzaman, Director General of the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, expressed his dismay, stating, "The clandestine printing and distribution of these strips undermine our efforts to ensure consumer safety. Despite repeated inquiries, Pharma Solutions denies any involvement. We have even conducted raids on their premises to find evidence of their wrongdoing."

The Directorate is currently conducting investigations into the matter, with indications that these counterfeit strips are entering the country through baggage parties from neighboring nations, especially hidden within fabric rolls. To address this issue comprehensively, cooperation from the Drug Administration is deemed necessary.

In response to these alarming developments, Pallab Chakraborty, the CEO of Pharma Solutions, attributed the malpractice to some rogue salespersons within the company, disavowing any corporate involvement. He emphasized the company's contributions to diabetes awareness and hinted at disciplinary actions against those responsible.

However, Lutfur Rahman, the owner of One Print, the company responsible for printing the counterfeit strips, acknowledged the breach of trust with Pharma Solutions and revealed the extent of the operation. Despite his admission, legal actions have been initiated against him for endangering public health.

In the face of this crisis, Humayun Kabir, the General Secretary of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry, urged businesses to remain vigilant and refrain from engaging in any illegal activities that compromise consumer safety.

Muhammad Mahbubul Haque, the Secretary of the Pharmacy Council, assured that stringent measures would be taken against any entity found violating pharmaceutical regulations, including the revocation of licenses if necessary.

The government and relevant authorities remain committed to safeguarding public health and ensuring the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry, promising swift and decisive actions against any wrongdoing.

It is to be noted that the speakers also urged to buy the Accu-Check diabetes strip and glucometer by checking whether it is from Radiant Pharmaceuticals Limited, the only authorized marketing company in Bangladesh. At the same time, if there is any kind of doubt, request to complain to the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate.

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