Avoid 5 Foods before Going to Bed

Representational Image: Collected

Representational Image: Collected

Many people have a habit of eating before going to bed at night. But some foods can interfere with sleep at night. Many people do not know this. A report by Boldsky, a lifestyle and health website in India, lists some foods that can cause sleep problems at night. That is why it is forbidden to eat these foods before going to bed.

1. Ice cream

Refrain from eating ice cream before going to bed at night. Because ice cream can cause insomnia and indigestion. The sugar in it disturbs sleep and interferes with digestion.

2. Dark chocolate

Eating dark chocolate before going to bed at night can cause sleep problems. Because dark chocolate contains caffeine and amino acids. So avoid dark chocolate at night.

3. Coffee

Coffee is a favorite food of everyone. But avoid drinking coffee before going to bed at night. This is because the caffeine in coffee is able to stimulate the central nervous system, the effects of which can last from 8 to 14 hours.

4. Alcohol

Drinking disturbs sleep. If you drink alcohol before going to bed, you are more likely to stay up all night.

5. Say no to sweet food

Sweet foods are one of the causes of sleep problems. Sugar increases energy levels, so avoid sugary or sugary foods before going to bed.


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