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After fifty it becomes quite difficult to lose weight compared to forties || Photo: Collected

After fifty it becomes quite difficult to lose weight compared to forties || Photo: Collected

No one wants to be overweight. But nowadays the problem of obesity or overweight is increasing due to lifestyle. This kind of thing happens especially with most of the people above 40. At this time unwanted fat and folds start to appear in the body.

Similarly, people in their fifties and sixties are more prone to weight gain. At this age, people almost give up hope of losing weight. As easy as it is for people in their forties to lose weight, after fifty it can become quite difficult. Because it is not possible for them to lose weight by working too hard. Again, such exercises are quite impossible for them, which puts pressure on the bones.

After forty, fifty, or sixties lifestyle, metabolic changes, and poor diet contribute to weight gain. But it is good to know - weight control is necessary at these ages. But is it possible to lose weight if you want? That's why today's discussion.

How to lose weight in your forties

  1. Three types of exercises should be included in the daily exercise routine to control weight, tone muscles, and heal from within. So along with cardio, weight training, and stretching should be done regularly.
  2. During the day, excessive tea-coffee or sugary syrups, packaged drinks, and soft drinks should be avoided.
  3. Emphasize eating fresh vegetables and fruits. Keep complex carbohydrates like flour, and white rice instead of red rice, bran flour, and rolled oats in the diet.
  4. Reduce the amount of oil and spices in cooking, do not use fried food or sweets. But you can eat dry fruits and nuts if allowed by the dietician.
  5. Increase the amount of fiber in the diet. It increases the speed of digestion. If the food is good, less fat accumulates in the body; Weight is also under control.
  6. Green tea greatly aids metabolism and acts as a natural fat burner. Apart from this, it helps in maintaining the moisture balance of the body. So drink green tea instead of regular tea.
  7. Many times due to the stress of work and family, there may not be time to exercise regularly. In that case, follow the rules and walk for a while every day.

How to lose weight in your fifties and sixties

  1. Yoga is the safest way to stay healthy for this age group. This exercise regimen helps in keeping weight under control without too much effort. If you do yoga regularly, there is no problem in sleeping at night, the digestion process is also active.
  2. After a certain age, sudden running can put pressure on the joints of the bones. The risk of getting injured or having an accident also increases. Walking is safer than that. Walking is the best exercise at this age. Walking for half an hour every day can help you lose a lot of weight.
  3. Those who like rice food think that eating rice cannot reduce weight. This is completely wrong. A moderate amount of rice is very helpful in weight loss. You can eat a medium piece of fish or meat with it. It will fulfill the body's non-nutritive needs.
  4. Low-fat or oil-free vegetables reduce fat significantly. At this age, therefore, 1 cup of vegetables and pulses must be kept in the diet chart; Along with 1 cup of yogurt - it will help in digestion.
  5. Finally, sugar and high-calorie foods must be avoided.

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