Allow Traders to Import Onions: GM Quader

Jatiya Party (JaPa) Chairman GM Quader on Wednesday urged the government to allow traders to import an adequate amount of onions to keep the market normal as it is not possible to control the growing prices of the popular kitchen item through only TCB's intervention.

''It's not possible to regulate the market by supplying onions through TCB. It's possible to give relief to a section of people through the TCB. Again, it's not possible to keep the market normal by importing onions through the Commerce Ministry,'' he said.

The Jatiya Party chairman said, ''Traders should be allowed to import onions to keep the market normal. The government may monitor the procurement and sales of onions by traders.''

He made the remarks while addressing a views-exchange meeting with the leaders of Jatiya Sarak Paribahan Motor Workers Federation at the Jatiya Party chairman's Banani office.

The Jatiya Party chief said some people have plundered huge money in the name of the Workers' Welfare Fund. ''Money from the Workers' Welfare Fund has never been spent on improving the lot of ordinary workers. So, it's important to audit the fund.''

He said the government can collect money for the Workers' Welfare Fund and spend it on ensuring the welfare of the workers. ''In that case, the government can talk to owners and labor leaders.''

GM Quader said many people have built buildings in the country and abroad and amassed huge wealth through extortion in the name of workers.

He said there have been incidents of murder over the sharing of the money collected in the name of workers. ''But there's no improvement in a lot of the unlucky workers.''

The Jatiya Party chairman said the country's workers' organizations are so strong that the government cannot control them. ''Instead, the workers' organizations are trying to control the government to a large extent. It’s unfortunate for us.''

Like other organizations in the country, he said the workers’ organizations should be kept under the full control of the government.


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