BNP intends to deliver final ‘shaking’ towards the government in September

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Earlier BNP sat at the entrance gates of Dhaka as the part of their political programme  for the first step to take the one-party movement for the resignation of the government to its final stage had been failed. Now the party has again emphasized to speed up this movement. In the meantime, mass marches, padayatras and rallies have been planned in some places. In this way, the party wants to give a final 'jolt' the government in the coming month of September by bringing momentum to the movement. Talking to BNP leaders, it is known that Dhaka-centric programs will be given more on this time. Because the previous movements were not so vigorous in Dhaka, they failed. That's why BNP is looking at Dhaka.

Earlier BNP started a simultaneous movement on the basis of 10 points since December last year. Along with BNP 36 parties, right-left-religious parties, are in simultaneous movement. Later, a joint announcement was made of a one-phase movement for the resignation of the government and the re-establishment of the election-time government since last July 12. 

Since then continuous programs are going on in Dhaka. The last 28 July from a massive gathering held in Dhaka demanded the resignation of the government. The next day, the party held a sit-in program at the entrances of Dhaka. BNP leaders and activists clashed with the police in every location program. At that time Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, member of the party's standing committee, and Aman Ullah Aman, convener of Dhaka Metropolitan North, were injured in the clash.

Meanwhile the high command of BNP is not satisfied with the participation of party leaders and workers in that programme. They felt that the party leaders could not make the program with a success outcome. And in consequences high command taken various steps including removing Chhatra Dal president Kazi Rawanakul Islam Shravan from his post, disbanding the Dhaka Metropolitan North and South Committees of Jubo Dal and reprimanding and warning the responsible leaders.

Even BNP did not give any new program for more than a week after the sit-in program. After that, the first mass rally was held in Dhaka. Now this anti-government party wants to speed up the movement. Next on first September is the anniversary of the establishment of BNP. In ahead of this occasion, a procession has been planned in Dhaka. BNP wants to have a big showdown in Dhaka through this. After that, they are thinking of holding a convention in Dhaka with students, youth and professionals. In addition, leaflets are being distributed to the grassroots level across the country demanding the resignation of the government. Besides, there is a plan to hold a mass meeting in Dhaka in early September or October.

Meanwhile, BNP is also working for the support of friendly countries. The party believes that the Western countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union have the support of their movement. Now they want India on their side. BNP considers India's message to America to be baseless in the report recently published in Indian newspaper Anandabazar that 'if Hasina is not in power in Bangladesh, both countries will suffer'. Party Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir responded that India will not go beyond the democratic aspirations of the people of Bangladesh.

A few days ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met President Joe Biden during his visit to America, but Bangladesh did not come up in their conversation. Moreover, in a press briefing on August 3, the spokesperson of the Indian Foreign Office, Arindam Bagchi, said that India expects the elections in Bangladesh to be conducted in a planned and peaceful manner. He, however, refused to comment on the demands of Bangladesh's opposition parties for elections under a caretaker or non-partisan government. However, he said, "The people of Bangladesh will decide how the elections will be held there." BNP sees this as positive.

All in all, BNP is determined to take the one-phase movement to its final stage. In this regard, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said, we have been in the movement for a long time. This movement is not of BNP alone. The whole nation is involved in it.

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