Ways to Increase Facebook Page Followers

Online business is booming now. Everyone is leaning towards this. Entrepreneurs are under one roof arranging various product stalls with new ideas. The employment of the unemployed is also in it. All you need is a page on Facebook. Open the page depending on what kind of product or service you are bringing.

However, the first thing to do after opening a Facebook page is to make your page accessible to everyone. Find out how to increase the likes and followers of the page and also make the page popular.

  • Give a good name to the page first. Good names are easy to say and uncommon names are best. In this case, the name must match with the product you sell. The name can be understood by looking at the page.
  • Arrange the profile. Write the description, slogan, address, opening hours, website, phone number, location all correctly. You can add your own animated or video cover. When uploading an image, enter a caption. Pin the most interesting post on the page.
  • A good way to increase likes is to like and construct constructive comments on good posts from one's own page to other pages.
  • Send message, sign-up button at the top of the business related page. You can also add a 'Shop Now' button when there are enough items in the 'Shop' section of the page. In this case the use of send message or call button is more.
  • To increase the fan-followers of the page, you can create groups for customers to share different opinions or posts. Organic likes can also increase due to the group.
  • Another easy way to increase or popularize page followers is live video. Make more live from the page. In this case, the product or page may be live with a topic that matches. Facebook still tries to put live videos on top of their news feeds. In this case you can show a demo of any product or service or any interesting tutorial.
  • Post with more information in a few words. Facebook increases the 'rich' in this. A typical organic Facebook post is 40-60 characters long (in English, with spaces).
  • No talk can be made to increase the engagement of the page. Or don't go posting anything wrong. Facebook is now quite vocal about fake information. If you get a 'report' of incorrect information, your page will go to the red list.
  • Be fast when it comes to customer service. Try giving an instant reply. This will make it easier for buyers to impress your page. Arrange for automatic reply. Go to Settings on the page and go to the Messaging option on the left. Then select Response Assistant and select 'Send Instant Reply'. Enter the message as you like by clicking Change. If your buyer or customer is only in this country, then write the welcome message in Bengali. Finally save.


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