WhatsApp Channels Available To 150 Countries Including Bangladesh

WhatsApp || Photo: Collected

WhatsApp || Photo: Collected

One of the most popular social media for communication is WhatsApp. Meta has launched WhatsApp channels in 150 countries including Bangladesh. Anyone can open a WhatsApp channel. This feature will be found in a new tab called 'Update' on iOS and Android phones. Here you can see WhatsApp status messages along with the channel feature.

Through this new feature, channels of favorite content creators, businesses, and celebrities can be found, as well as one's own channel can be opened.

This feature, which was launched in a few countries last June, is now available in 150 countries including Bangladesh. CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg gave this news on his own WhatsApp channel.

According to Meta, users will be able to view the list of channels sorted by country. Popular channels can also be seen based on the number of followers and activity.

Only the user can join the desired WhatsApp channel if they have a valid invite link. WhatsApp will not disclose anyone's phone number to protect privacy or individual privacy. Other members cannot see how many or who are connected to the channel.

WhatsApp channel messages will remain for 30 days. Only reactions can be given to the broadcasted messages. Messages in the channel will not be protected by end-to-end encryption. In addition, all WhatsApp-based communications including direct messages, group chats, calls, status messages and attachments will remain secure as before.

You can get detailed information about this feature by joining the official channel of WhatsApp. Instagram has such a feature. WhatsApp's rival platform Telegram also has the feature of joining one-way broadcast channels.

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