Earthquake Forecast Can Be Known 7 Days Ago

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Among natural disasters, it is not possible to predict earthquakes only. As a result, earthquake damage cannot be avoided. However, researchers claim that earthquake predictions can be made seven days in advance with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

A recent study claims that AI can provide information about upcoming earthquakes in advance. Again it will be up to 70 percent accurate. According to the research, AI will inform about the earthquake a week in advance. And Chinese scientists are busy with that experiment.

The University of Texas at Austin has developed an AI designed to provide seismic data. When AI was developed, scientists fed this AI with old earthquake data.

This AI was given a seven-month trial in China. At that time, scientists claimed that 70 percent of earthquakes could be predicted correctly a week before. This has given hope to scientists. This time, maybe artificial intelligence can really save the world from harm.

After weeks of research, the results of this AI have been released. Chinese scientists said the AI ​​model predicted 14 earthquakes within about 200 miles a week ago.

According to scientists, this new AI has given correct information in four out of five cases. But it is not yet clear whether it will work in any corner of the world.

According to the researchers, this AI technology can be used to improve seismic tracking networks in America, Italy, Japan, Greece, Turkey and Texas.

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