Mobile Internet Speed: Bangladesh Stands 111th

Mobile Internet Speed || Photo: Collected

Mobile Internet Speed || Photo: Collected

Bangladesh currently ranks 111th among 142 countries in mobile internet speed, according to the latest findings by the US-based organisation Ookla. The data, part of Ookla's Speedtest Global Index, reveals Bangladesh's current download and upload speeds for mobile internet and positions the country in the global landscape.

The October report from Ookla indicates that the download speed for mobile internet in Bangladesh is 20.66 Mbps, while the upload speed stands at 10.06 Mbps. This is an improvement from November 2022, where Bangladesh was placed at the 119th position, indicating a rise of eight steps within a year. During that period, the average download speed was 13.95 Mbps, and the upload speed was below 8 Mbps.

The United Arab Emirates leads with the highest mobile internet speed, recording a download speed of 269.41 Mbps and an upload speed of 25.49 Mbps. Qatar and Norway follow in second and third positions, respectively. Conversely, Cuba ranks lowest at 142nd, offering a mobile internet speed of only 3 Mbps, with Afghanistan at 141st and Yemen at 140th.

In terms of broadband internet speed, despite an increase in speed to an average of 38.65 Mbps for downloads and 39.91 Mbps for uploads as of October 2023, Bangladesh's global ranking has declined. From 102nd in November 2022, Bangladesh now ranks 108th in the global broadband internet speed rankings.

The report also compares Bangladesh's internet speeds with neighbouring countries. In South Asia, Nepal (87th) and India (89th) rank higher than Bangladesh in broadband internet speed. Meanwhile, Pakistan, Maldives, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka trail behind Bangladesh in this category.

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